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Our value word this month is HUMILITY


Half Term Homework - 23/10/20


Maths - Number facts and addition and subtraction on a number line. 


Reading  Comprehensions:

Troll's Troubles (answers on second sheet)

Wanted poster (answers on second sheet)



Homework - 16/10/20

Maths - Missing number puzzle.


100 square - this will be needed to complete homework.


Reading - Short comprehension on dental advice (answers on second sheet). 

Homework - 09/10/20


Maths - Number bonds to 10

              Number bonds to 20


Numicon image to help with homework.


Reading - Short comprehension activity on farmyard animals (Answers on the second sheet).

Homework - 02/10/20


Maths - Missing numbers on a numberline. Are the numbers going up in 2s, 5s or 10s?


100 square to help with homework.


Phonics - Spotting ie making /igh/ sound in text (answers at bottom of sheet). 

Homework - 25/09/20


Maths - Comparing and ordering numbers


Something a little less challenging - which is the bigger number?


Phonics - spotting /ou/ sound in text.

Homework - 18/09/20


Maths - Addition with tens and ones


Something a little less challenging - Tens and ones


Phonics - ou / ow spellings

Homework - 11/09/20



Maths - Number representation and tens and ones


Something a little less challenging - Tens and ones.


Home work is due on Thursday 17th September.


Daily online activities

Here is a list of online activities some of which you can access at your convenience, some you can join in with throughout the day. Some of these require accessing social media and so you should always make sure an adult supervises your online activity. The timings are correct at the time of writing this (29/03/20). 

9:00 am  - PE with Joe Wicks  A daily PE lesson led by Joe Wicks.


11.00 am daily - Listen to a story on the World of David Walliams website.


11:30am Dance with Oti Mabuse


1:30 pm - Dance with Diversity Dance Mix for Schools (DDMX)


Dance lessons with Oti Mabuse


Music lessons with Myleen Klass


Maths lessons with Carol Vorderman on The Maths Factor


10 of the best virtual tours of museums and art galleries.


Maths game - Hit the Button to practice skills such as times tables, doubling and halving.


Cooking with Jamie Oliver, get kids cooking - Recipes to cook with children


This week we are learning about...

Learning items:
Maths - Fractions - 1/3, unit fractions, non-unit fractions 
English - Informational text writing 
History - Great Explorers 
Science - How to be a good gardener

 Other useful websites / resources


Joe Wicks online PE Lessons 


Daily PE lessons with Joe Wicks.


David Walliams

David Walliams reads a daily story. 

Maths  White Rose maths scheme of work

This displays the topics that we will cover in maths and how we approach the learning of these. 



'Hit the Button' Maths games

This website has some great games to help with number fact retention in maths such as: doubles, halves, number bonds and times tables. 

This Week's Spellings

said they you with that
like can are went what
there this have

Word Power 

command pilot licence manned tame
surface astronaut launch voyage navigate


Learning Ladders: Writing & Maths 

Year 2 Autumn Term Curriculum

Year 2 Spring Term Curriculum

Year 2 Summer Term Curriculum

RE Overview

Year 2 Literacy Plan

Year 2 Reading List

Our next class trip is postponed.