St John Baptist is a diverse school and this we see as a great strength as differences are celebrated. With such a wonderful range of cultures making our school what it is, developing a strong understanding of people, places and global citizenship is a vital part of our children making sense of the wider world. We aim to capitalise on Geography’s potential to enhance this understanding throughout our learning across the school. 

Our Curriculum provides children with knowledge about natural and human environments as well as a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes. Children will have access to a range of sources such as: the local environment, school trips, maps, websites, photographs, artefacts, written materials, data and DVD extracts. As pupils progress, we strive to provide them with the skills to manage geographical data, interpret a range of resources such as maps, and communicate information through both writing and numerical presentation  During their work in Geography, children develop, use and apply these Geographical skills across a range of contexts. This is to encourage pupils to show an interest in their immediate environment and that of the wider world.