School Uniform

All pupils must wear school uniform as it reflects a pride in our school. The uniform is comfortable and practical and consists of:

  • navy blue or grey trousers (long or short);

  • blue or white shirt/blouse;

  • navy blue or grey  pullover/sweatshirt with no visible logo except for the school badge/logo;

  • white, grey or navy blue socks;

  • navy blue or black shoes - trainers are not permitted.

Children may also wear the following:

  • navy blue or grey skirt or dress;

  • checked or striped blue and white dress;

  • plain navy, grey, black or white tights.

Please note

  • Very short or long dresses, skirts or shorts are not appropriate for normal daily wear at school;

  • Sweatshirts and hats with a school logo are available from the school office  as are ties (see price list below);

  • Children coming to school in boots must bring a change of footwear (shoes for indoors);

  • Footwear with a heal exceeding 2cm is not appropriate and can be dangerous in school as are shoes and sandals without a back or heel strap.

  • 'Hoodies' are not to be worn indoors.

For Physical Education children should have:

  • white 'T' shirt;

  • black or navy  shorts (sporting);

  • white, black or navy blue plimsolls - no trainers;

  • Plain swimwear (one piece for girls, no longer than the knee for boys);

  • blue or grey 'track suits' may be worn in the colder weather for outdoor PE

Children may also wear the following:

  • plain navy, black or grey  gym skirts;

  • plain navy, grey or black leotard;

  • plain navy, grey or black footless 'dance' type leggings.

No items of clothing should have a logo on them with the exception of the school candlelight logo.

Please remember to check regularly that your child's PE kit still fits.

We request that all items of clothing are named.